Join these hosted and escorted nudist trips co-sponsored by European naturist travel companies with hosts who speak excellent English.

For details, contact James at:

2018 Fall Singles trip-Hosted
Sept 30 - October 12, 2018  Hotel Vera Playa Club -Vera, Spain
5 rooms remain   German, Belgium and Dutch     Rate show is in Euros, approx. USD $1,600/person + admin. fees, bank wire, airfare, transfers.
€ 1284 + administrative European fee € 20 + bank wire+ air from Amsterdam

2018 Naturist Group Hosted Trips in Europe -  Rates posted are GBP (pounds) Approx. $1.45/1 GBP   Shown/person/double occupancy

April 14-21      El Portus, Spain GBP 466/person   (Approx.  USD $675/person/double occuancy)

May 15–22      Vritomartis, Crete  GBP 719/person  (Approx. USD $1,043/person)

June 10-17      Tropica, Corsica  GBP 986/person  (Approx. USD $ 1,430/person)

June 16-23      Croatian Cruise  GBP 1,620/person  (Approx. USD $ 2,350/person)

July 1-8            Hotel Panorama,  Zakynthos, Greece  GBP 528/person  (Approx. $765/person)

Sept 29-Oct 6   El Portus, Spain  GBP 466/person  (Approx. $675/person)

29 Sept-Oct 6   Naturist Angel Club, Rhodes  GBP 572/person  (Approx, USD $ 830/person)

Nov 10-17          Charco del Palo, Lanzarote  GBP 460/person  (Approx. USD $ 667/person)